Who is Giancarlo Perbellini, the chef with 11 restaurants

Let’s get to know Giancarlo Perbellini better, the chef born as a pastry chef who conquered northern Italy with establishments of all kinds.

Veronese by birth, Giancarlo Perbellini was born into a family of pastry chefs but, contrary to what one might expect, he decided to devote his life to cooking. After the hotel school, he began his training path which led him to attend the most prominent kitchens of the boot and then “plunder” the notions of those beyond the Alps. Let’s get to know him better through his public and private life.

Chef plating
Chef plating

Who is Giancarlo Perbellini

Born in Bovolone in the province of Verona in 1964, Giancarlo inherits his grandfather’s passion for pastry-making. Once enrolled in theHospitality Institute of Recoaro but he realizes that for him the pastry was too monotonous. He therefore weighs the choice of dedicating himself to the kitchen and after various work experiences in the area, including the Veronese restaurants Marconi, Desco e 12 Apostles go starry St. Dominic of Imola. From here he flies across the Alps and in France he refines his knowledge of him: in Paris he is a Restaurant Taillevent it’s at Ambrosia while on the French Riviera he works at The terrace by Juan Les Pins.

His dream came true in 1989 when he opened the Perbellini restaurant in Isola Rizza, a town in the Verona area not far from his hometown. Here he obtained the first Michelin star in 1996 followed by the second in 2002. But he did not stop and over the years he achieved many winning and innovative projects, coming to own a total of eleven restaurants: the gourmet pizzeria From Copethe Locanda Quattro Cuochifocused on traditional cuisine, the fish restaurant To the Captain of the Citadelthe cicchetteria Tapasotto and the pastry shop Sweet Innall in the city of Verona.

In 2014 he left the Veronese countryside and his first restaurant to inaugurate Perbellini house, always in the heart of Verona. Here, in less than a year, he won two Michelin Stars. The concept is truly unique: it is in fact a place with an open kitchen and only 24 seats.

They follow in 2018 Locanda Perbellini in Milan and in 2020 Locanda Perbellini by the sea in the locality of Bovo Marina. Finally it is 2021 when he together with his second wife Silvia opens the doors of To the Blessed, on Lake Garda. In 2022 he was entrusted with the leadership of the Trussardi restaurant by Giancarlo Perbellini in Milan.

Abroad he is called upon to collaborate in the launch of Giovanni Rana’s restaurant in New York in 2012 e The Inn of Hong Kong managed by an Indian group.

3 curiosities about Giancarlo Perbellini

– Perbellini was married until 2014 with Paola Secchi. From the marriage they were born two sons. After the separation it was she who took care of the Perbellini restaurant which closed its doors definitively in 2020. The chef then remarried to Silvia Bernardocchi.

– He conducted a broadcast on Gambero Rosso Channel called “Casa Perbellini”.

– Just look at his Instagram profile to realize how much the kitchen plays a central role in his life.

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