Who is Hue Dinh Thi, the finalist of Masterchef 12

Shy and reserved, Hue Dinh Thi is one of the Masterchef 12 finalists. Her dream? Taking Vietnamese cuisine to the stars.

A Vietnamese dish won over the Masterchef judges assuring Hue Dinh Thi a place in the kitchens of the famous cooking talent. In the various episodes she has always stood out for hers shyness, determination but also a passion for vegetable cooking. Let’s find out a few more details of the young girl.

Vietnamese cuisine
Vietnamese cuisine

Hue Palace

Class 1995 (date of birth and zodiac sign are not known), Hue was born and raised in a family of humble origins in the countryside around the city of Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. He arrives in Italy for study reasons. In fact, he graduated in International relations in Salerno and then attends a master’s degree in International Management a Roma.

It is precisely in Salerno that love for Italian cuisine strikes when you find yourself tasting one for the first time mozzarella fresh, the pride of the place. From there also his dream of ennoble Vietnamese cuisine and bring the first Michelin star to his country. In Vietnam, in fact, the belief that the profession of cook is reserved for people with little intelligence is well rooted. For this reason her parents do not look kindly on her passion, preferring a career as a graduate.

In any case, Hue satisfied them and today he works as Project assistant for a company that develops cooperation between Italian and Vietnamese companies.

3 curiosities about Hue

– Hue said in an episode of Masterchef not to be never been engaged.

– He lived in several Italian cities including Bolzano, Genoa, Venice and Florence where he currently lives. She confessed that the first few moments she had difficulty integrating because of the language.

– His Instagram profile he is very popular and collects many of the moments of his journey at Masterchef.

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