Who is Luca Montersino, career and private life of the chef

Chef, pastry chef, consultant, teacher and food manager: all about Luca Montersino, from his private life to his thriving career in the world of culinary art.

Luca Montersino was born in Turin in 1973 and immediately cultivated his splendid passion for cooking, which even led him to open the laboratory Greedy for Health in Alba, going as far as New York (within Eataly) ea Tokio. The kitchen has never abandoned him, both before, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s find out more about the Italian pastry chef and chef!

Luca Montersino: career and biography

Luca Montersino was born precisely on August 25, 1973 (Virgo). His passion for cooking began when he was very young: alone 6 years he was already helping his mother behind the stove preparing the sauce for the pasta. His parents were the people who supported him the most in pursuing his dream.

Graduate of Hotel School, after completing his studies he started working in high level restaurants such as Flipot, a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Torre Pellice and La Ciau del Tornavento, a 1 Michelin star restaurant in Treiso. He also has experience in the pastry fieldthe most significant of which was at the Ferraud pastry shop in Pinerolo.

At the age of 21 years, becomes head chef at the Hotel Miramonti in Cogne, managing a team of eight chefs. In 1998, he decides to go to the United States to improve his knowledge of English and works in an Italian-American restaurant in San Diego for two years. Back in Italy, he became Director of the Higher Institute Culinary Arts Etoile in Chioggia (Ve), one of the most important gastronomy and pastry schools in the country.

In 2005 he opened the healthy pastry Golosi di Salute making numerous appearances on television, from Test of the Cook and then also at It’s always noon, at Peccati di Gola, at Accademia Montersino, Secrets in the kitchen aired on Alice TV and Kitchen Montersino and then there are San Marino RTV.

Luca also opened a pastry school, from 2012 to 2019, Icook, together with Francesca Maggio and Carla Varreto. The school is mainly focused on cake design: in desserts, as in love, Luca admits, not only the taste is important, but also the aesthetics!

Luca Montersino’s school in San Marino

In 2020 Luca Montersino moved to San Marino and created a new project opening Luca Montersino Srl, the first live web school. At the kitchen in San Marino, he offers courses from Tuesday to Friday for individuals, consultancy or live online.

Also, the school turns into a shopopen to the public every Saturday and each time a different special is offered, which can be from cooking to pastry, from breakfast to ice cream.

Luca Montersino: private life, children and partner

From Turin, Luca Montersino moved to Alba and then moved to San Marino. The chef and pastry chef has a daughter, Alessia (2007). Not much is known about his private life, however Montersino’s heart is busy: his partner and business partner is called Romina Imbrescia, with whom he opened the school in San Marino and who occasionally appears in some post on the chef’s Instagram page.

Despite the job, Montersino is very close to his family, he often shares shots with family and friends on social media.

4 curiosities about Luca Montersino

– Members of the your Facebook page I am more than 130,000over 68 thousand on Instagram and his fame clearly has a reason!

– Luca loves animals and horses. In fact, he practices with interest and constancy horse riding.

– He defined himself in a post “gastronomic dude” in response to Antonella Clerici’s May 2023 television intervention in defense of Benedetta Rossi.

– Wrote well 22 books of recipes.

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