Who is Nicola Longanesi, the former Junior Masterchef who entered Masterchef 12

At the Masterchef selections 12 white aprons for Nicola Longanesi: who is the young man from Ravenna who was already a Masterchef Junior competitor in 2015.

Nicola Longanesi is a self-confident young man who, all his life, already seems to have clear ideas about his future: he wants to cook and be a chef. For this reason the boy, born in 2003, took part in Masterchef Junior in 2015 and, in December 2022 he got the white apron at Masterchef 12. Resolute and with very lively blue eyes, we get to know the young chef better.

Who is Nicola Longanesi

Nicola Longanesi is originally from Ravenna, he has lived in Bagnacavallo with his family since he was a child and we only know that he was born in 2003, obtained a diploma from the Linguistic High School of the area and then moved on to study Gastronomic Sciences in Parma. It is clear how his passion for cooking has become important for Nicola since he was a child, who has always been supported by his parents Emmanuel and Stephen and then also from Nicola’s fiancée who, however, doesn’t often see why study in London.

Nicola Longanesi: from Masterchef Junior to Masterchef 12

In 2015, little Nicola was a competitor in the second edition of Masterchef Junior conducted by Bruno Barbieri and Joe Bastianich’s mother, Lidia Bastianich, but he was eliminated by Barbieri shortly before the final, winning fourth place.

In the episode of December 22, 2022 at the Masterchef 12 auditions it was Barbieri himself who recognized him: “I remember you – said the chef during the episode -, Lidia Bastianich was in love, you had those beautiful blue eyes”.

What dish did Nicola bring to the auditions? Longanesi arrived with a first course, called “I fell for it again”, a plate of ravioli stuffed with creamed cod and buffalo mozzarella, prawn tartare, hazelnuts and asparagus. The dish conquered all three judgesit was Barbieri himself who pronounced the third “yes” making him enter the Masterchef 12 Masterclass by right: “Life is amazing, once again your destiny is linked to my judgement”he said.

3 Curiosities about Nicola Longanesi

– Just as Lidia Bastianich has always maintained, Nicola’s eyes are very particular, an intense blue that is difficult to find.

– On his official Instagram profile he often shares moments of real life with friends, his girlfriend, but also of his dishes.

He likes soccereven if we don’t know which team you support.

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