Who is René Redzepi, the chef at Noma in Copenhagen

Ambassador of the New Nordic Cuisine, René Redzepi is the chef of Noma, the most famous restaurant in the world.

Before him, Nordic cuisine was a hodgepodge of styles and ingredients from every corner of the globe. We are talking about René Redzepi, chef of the award-winning restaurant Or of Copenhagen. Born in 1977, he is the ambassador of the New Nordic Cuisine, a new way of understanding haute cuisine aimed at enhancing local products. But let’s get to know a few more details about his life.

Chef plating
Chef plating

Who is René Redzepi?i

Born in Copenhagen on December 15, 1977 under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, René, as it is easy to guess from the surname, has Macedonian-Albanian origins on his father’s side. Her mother, on the other hand, has always lived in Denmark. He spent his youth with his twin brother in a small town in Macedonia, in close contact with rural life, but following the outbreak of war in Yugoslavia, in 1992 they moved permanently to the suburbs of Copenhagen.

Not much is known about his training except that he abandoned his high school studies to enroll in one with a friend cooking school. He must have made himself noticed right away if he boasts experiences like that of de Bully say Adrià, French Laundry by Thomas Keller et al Garden of Sens in France.

It is at Ora name born from the union of Nordisk Mad, i.e. Nordic food, since its opening in 2004. Here it reaches the Olympus of catering, ranking first in the ranking for 5 years The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and then getting the Tre Stella Michelin. Here he elaborates a new idea of ​​cuisine which he renamed New Nordic Cuisine where he exploits and enhances what these lands close to the polar circle have to offer: crabs from the abyss, Langoustine from the Far Oer, fern sprouts, black currant oil, sorrel clover of Danish woods but also cheeses such as skyr, consumed since the time of the Vikings.

In his restaurant, which he announced will close its doors in 2024, 3 seasonal menus are offered: fish-based until May, vegetarian until September and finally game during the winter.

3 curiosities about René Redzepi

– The details of his private life are very few. However, his is known marriage with chef Nadine Levy Redzepi from whom three daughters were born.

– His cuisine explores all aspects, from fermentation to bread-making in a real village made up of 11 “huts”.

– His Instagram profile it is quite varied but always focused on the cuisine.

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