Why are fruits and vegetables at the entrance to the supermarket?

Let’s find out the marketing rules that reveal why fruit and vegetables are always placed at the entrance to the supermarket.

There is a common denominator between the various supermarkets, however different they may be. Whether it is discount store, a regular chain or convenience store of the village, the fruit is always positioned at the entrance. But have you ever wondered why? We did and in the end we got to explore the (little) magical world of marketing. To find out why fruit and vegetables are always at the entrance to the supermarket, you need to put yourself from the seller’s point of view: give one nice self image it is a fundamental requirement to conquer the consumer and to do so they use the arrangement of fruit and vegetables at the entrance.

Fruit and vegetable supermarket
Fruit and vegetable supermarket

Why are fruits and vegetables at the entrance to the supermarket?

We never repeat too often how much shopping is a real position, almost a way of “vote” and elect alimony that we are going to consume and which therefore must be produced. The polling station par excellence is the supermarket and therefore it is important that we immediately get there make a good impression. Placing fruit and vegetables at the entrance to the supermarket is a marketing strategy that serves to win over the consumer right away.

There are several reasons why this technique works. Firstly, they leverage the fact that fruit and vegetables are the foods par excellence considered more sustainable. Their bright colors skilfully juxtaposed create a familiar atmosphere, almost like a local market.

Added to this is a correct one lighting. Think that there are special cold lights that are perfect for enhancing the color of vegetables. These, as a rule, are positioned right above them so as to make them even more attractive.

Last but certainly not least aspect, i containers. In most cases, fruit and vegetable containers recall natural colors such as beige, green or white and follow the shape of traditional crates. They can be in wood, to give the counter an even more natural look, or in plastic, to suggest a sense of cleanliness and hygiene.

Organic and packaged products corner

Now there is no supermarket that does not have a small corner dedicated to Organic products, usually well differentiated from the surrounding area. The same goes for packaged fruit and vegetables: special refrigerators are assigned to her so that it is easier to find them.

Although the importance of consuming fruit and vegetables is known, the advice is always to choose an expense aware and to always read carefully the labels of the products you are going to buy.

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