Why does pee smell after eating asparagus?

Why does your pee smell bad if you eat asparagus? After many studies, science still doesn’t have an answer.

The asparagus they are typical spring vegetables, rich in nutritional properties and indicated for the health of the organism. However, the reason why asparagus is famous is one in particular: after you eat it, pee starts to smell. Let’s find out together the reason for this phenomenon, which science has been testing for years, still without successto give an answer.

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Why does pee smell with asparagus?

Inside asparagus there are many compounds, especially related to sulfur. There has been, over the years, a lot of research using methods chromatographic, liquids e gaseous. The target? Find the compound necessary which makes urine smell bad.

Initially, it was thought that those responsible for the particular smell were theasparagina and the acid aspartico. However, these two molecules are also present in vegetables different from asparagus, without this leading to a change in smell. Recently, however, a new acid who could be responsible for all of this.

Asparagus acid: what it is and why not everyone smells it

This asparagusic acid it would be the source of the persistent odor that asparagus gives to urine. It is so called because it is located only in asparagus. Two of its derivatives, the methanethiol and the dimethylsolfurare generated during the digestion of the asparagus, being then transferred in the urine and giving them that particular smell.

However, they haven’t been there yet enough demonstrations to determine that this acid is responsible for the pee that smells. Since the 50s, they have been conducted several studies which show, in fact, how not everybody those who eat asparagus produce urine that smells bad. Furthermore, it has also been found that not everyone hears the characteristic smell.

Taking these differences into account, some people they produce (thanks to their metabolism) smell and feel it, while others still they don’t produce it e they don’t hear it. Furthermore, there are also people who emit that smell but they don’t hear itand others instead of they do not emit the smell but they can smell it.

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The benefits of eating asparagus

Whether or not you smell it is probably due to a modification genetics present in some people. While science continues to seek a definitive answer, it is certain that asparagus is a panacea for health, despite the bad smell they give to urine!

Already cultivated by the ancient Egyptians and Romans, this vegetable is rich in of phosphorus, potassium e Vitamin Ewhich strengthens the system immune. In asparagus there are also many antioxidantsuseful for fighting cellular aging, and thefolic acidrecommended for pregnant women or those planning one.

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