Why not consume oranges before going to sleep

Let’s find out what are the reasons why it would be better to avoid consuming oranges before going to sleep.

Oranges, as well as tangerines and clementines, are a valid ally for face the winter. In fact, we know that it is nature itself that provides us with the foods necessary to face every period of the year and citrus fruits, with their high content of vitamin C, they are perfect in this sense. However, some research has shown that it is better to avoid consuming oranges before going to sleep, i.e. after dinner. Let’s see the reasons together.


The risks of consuming oranges before going to sleep

We have said that oranges, as well as tangerines, are perfect for strengthening the immune system and promoting skin and heart health thanks to the content of vitamin C. However, some studies have highlighted how their consumption after dinner, before going to bed, could have negative implications.

The reasons are related to the high content of fructose of these fruits. This sugar, if consumed before going to bed, is neither assimilated nor burned, turning into fat. For this reason, fruit consumption is not recommended in diets after dinner, preferring it as an afternoon or mid-morning snack. In this way you can not only burn the sugars contained, but also fill up with nutrients.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is theacidity intrinsic nature of these fruits and their difficult digestion. Consuming oranges before going to sleep could cause stomach problems, especially among those suffering from diseases such as reflux.

In short, oranges can be allies or enemies, it all depends on which time of day you choose to consume them. It is very important then to consume the raw and fresh fruit to prevent nutrients from depleting. Also take a look at the various types of oranges so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

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