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Sympathetic, spontaneous and loved by all: Antonino Cannavacciuolo is a chef who… makes a hole in the screen. Let’s get to know his story better and his private life!

Born on April 16, 1975 (Aries) Antonino Cannavacciuolo is an institution, both in the kitchen and on TV. Judge of Masterchef Italy and presenter of various other television formats, he has been able to conquer the public with his sympathy and spontaneity. His secret in the kitchen? L’equilibrium, to be found in the perfect fusion of sea and mountain, of north and south, of tradition, memories and innovation. Let’s get to know him better!

Who is Antonino Cannavacciuolo?

Originally from Vico Equensealso in the kitchen it is closely linked to the flavors of the Amalfi coast and the tradition of Campania, one of his favorite foods is precisely the lemon.
As for his trainingafter his hotel diploma, he specialized in French restaurants, in Alsace and at the Grand Hotel Quisisana in Capri (at the time headed by master Gualtiero Marchesi).

Antonino Cannavacciuolo
Antonino Cannavacciuolo

In his career he has conquered due to Michelineven before landing on TV to then get the three stars in 2022 for Villa Crespi, his restaurant in Orta San Giulio. On small screeninstead, we saw it at Nightmare kitchens, MasterChef Italia, ‘O mare mio, Celebrity MasterChef (as well as as a guest at the Sanremo Music Festival 2016) and also in the Sky Uno programme Family Food Fight together with Joe and Lidia Bastianich, which aired in March 2020 and the second season from March 11, 2021. The latter is based on an Australian format where 6 families challenge the stove to win first place and the prize of 100,000 euros in gold tokens.

In 2019 his new program arrives Cannavacciuolo’s menussix episodes in which the chef presents 6 menus consisting of 5 bring each one. And not only that, in addition to Masterchef over the years we have seen him in other television programs he has conducted, and always concern you with the kitchen: for example Antonino Chef Academy also started in 2019 and still ongoing.

Antonino Cannavacciuolo: children and private life

He is married to Cinzia, his own wife e socia in business. The couple have two children little ones: Andrea Cannavacciuolo and Elisa Cannavacciuolo.

At home I also do not cook because my wife is vegetarian eat only tofu, salads, chard and, once in a while, fish. Andrew it is mother’s mirror: he only eats salads, vegetables, pasta with peas, beans, he decided everything“, the chef told Vanity Fair.

Guest by Mara Venier a Sunday In on May 05, 2019, he let himself go in one touching confession: “I am an absent father, today is my daughter Elisa’s birthday and I am here”.

Who is Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s wife, Cinzia Primatesta?

Blonde, successful and curiously…vegetarian. There is very little information circulating about Cinzia Primatesta, as she is outside the world of entertainment.

Cannavacciuolo calls her his best friend, one gorgeous woman. Their first meeting was in the kitchen, in the 1995and catering has always been the Red string of their love. In fact, at the time it was Cinzia’s family – who have always been active in the restaurant business – who took over that promising young chef.

Toni came to L’Approdo, on Lake Orta, when he was around 20 to make a 3-4 month season. We got to know each other and something special exploded in an instant. After two years, in 1997, we got engaged. On February 28, 1999 we opened Villa Crespi, when we were 23 and 24. Crazy, but we were full of enthusiasm“, said the woman in an interview with the microphones of Exquisite Italy.

All Chef’s restaurants

As previously mentioned, the flagship restaurant of the starred Chef, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, is certainly Villa Crespi on Lake Orta San Giulio, in Piedmont which obtained the third star in 2022. Not only that, it opened a series of bistros still in the Piedmont region: Cannavacciuolo Cafè & Bistrot in Novara and Turin.

His desire to dare and bring the taste of his cuisine throughout Italy then decided to open four luxury resorts with adjoining bistros: we are talking about LAQUA by de Lake always in Orta San Giulio, LAQUA by de Sea in Sorrento and finally LAQUA Countryside in Ticciano, always in Campania and in the place where he grew up e LAQUA Vineyardresort with winery located in Tuscany.

But it doesn’t end here, for the love of cooking and its origins, it also opens “Antonino – The bank of Cannavacciuolo” a laboratory to make sweet and savory recipes, riding on the fine line of tradition and experimentation. In addition to the online shop, there are two physical stores of Il Banco di Cannavacciuolo: one in Novara in Vicolungo The style outlets and also in the center of his beloved Orta San Giulio.

How many stars has Antonino Cannavacciuolo

All chef style gyms have got a spectacular response not only from customers, but also from critics. So much so as to bring Cannavacciolo 7 Michelin stars: the three at Villa Crespi, while since 2018 the two bistros in Novara and Turin have also earned the star. Finally, in 2021, too LAQUA Countriside di Ticciano has obtained a star as well as, in 2022, LAQUA Vineyardresort with restaurant in Tuscany.

He is therefore positioned in second position among the Italian chefs with the most Michelin stars, behind Enrico Bartolini and with a colleague very close to him in equal merit: Bruno Barbieri.

The prices of Cannavacciuolo

All cooking enthusiasts will have wondered: how much does it cost to eat in the restaurants of Cannavacciuolo? Naturally, the costs also change according to the number of stars, the most expensive restaurant therefore remains Villa Crespi: in fact, there are two tasting menus at a cost of €260 and €290, while the à la carte dishes from 60 to 140 €. Sweets are “cheaper” and they all come €30 each.

The Bistrots have only two tastings: one for €95 and the “with your eyes closed” one for €115, naturally excluding the drink. In this case, the à la carte menu includes courses starting from €25 to €40.

How much does chef Antonino earn

According to the ranking drawn up by Pambiancothe chef would be among the richest in Italy and would have earned more than 9.9 million in 2018 and these are the latest official sources on the chef’s heritage. Among these data, given the remuneration for his appearances on TV (which, however, does not seem to be known) and the sale of his books, it seems that we can state that Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s assets have increased in recent years, apart from the stop caused by pandemic, and this is also thanks to his third Michelin star at Villa Crespi and the affirmation of all his establishments.

6 curiosities about chef Cannavacciuolo

– As a young man he also worked at The smilethe current location of The boss of the ceremonyalso known as ‘the Castle’.

– Il 2003 it was a decisive year for his career: he earned his first Michelin star and at the same time also the Three Forks of Gambero Rosso.

– He is very active on his Instagram profilewhere he often shares wonderful dishesglimpses of his intimacy and his television adventures.

– Where does Cannavacciuolo live? It seems that the family is divided between the lake of Orta and Campania.

– It was very related to his grandmotherand in his presence never leaves him, as he confessed to Sunday In:
My grandmother passed away over 25 years ago, but she is always there for me. I always look up at her, even now before entering the studio. She was a person who it was good for everyone“.

– He has always been known for his tonnage importantbut in 2020 his admirers started to notice a slimming. “I’ve been near a crossroads. I weighed so much, I arrived at 155 chili, I felt tired, I slept badly. Three years ago I said enough and bought myself a treadmill […] Today 126-127 pesosevery three, four months I lose a kilo“, he said in an interview with Today. Over the years she has always had weight problems, but seems to be trying to keep it under control.

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