Wild purslane: how to eat it and where to find it

How do you eat wild purslane? If you’re wondering, it’s because you know this “weed” and you also know that the spontaneous one is one edible variety. It is widespread throughout the Italian territory and is a precious one source of excellent nutrients. In fact, it contains mineral salts, vitamins and is rich in important Omega3. To be edible, however, are only the spontaneous varieties. Purslane cultivated a ornamental purposeand of which about forty different species are known, are not eaten.

Recognizing edible purslane

Wild purslane, scientific name Purslane oleraceais a succulent plant of Asian origin, now widespread everywhere and especially in Mediterranean regions. In Italy it is also known by different dialectal names. In Lazio it is the porcacchia, a porcelain plant in Sicily, while in Campania it is called pucchiaca or pucchichella.

This has creeping habit, green leavesfleshy and smooth, branching from succulent stems and purplish, reddish. It develops with the arrival of the warm season, when temperatures begin to stabilize above 20 degreesand only blooms in the fall. It is commonly eaten and was once also used in folk medicine for its diuretic, antibacterial and purifying properties.

Where the field weed grows

Purslane is one weed of vegetable gardens and gardens. And even if it prefers worked and nourished soils, it also develops well where it has no care, in uncultivated areas and along the edges, as long as it is wetlands. It does not fear the heat, but suffers from temperatures below 6/7 degrees.

How to eat wild purslane

Purslane oleracea is commonly consumed as aromatic herb both in Italy and in Asian countries. Both the leaves and the stems of the plant are eaten, alone or inserted in rich salads, e mostly raw. Cooked, it is an ingredient in soups and soups, while the French use it a lot in sauces. Generally, to enjoy the flavor, the young jets of the plant because they are more tender and tasty than those already enlarged.

This has a rather bitter taste, similar to that of rocket and is used precisely for this reason sour and piquant note.

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