Wild rocket: what it is and what its properties are

The rocket it is a food very present in our diet, but perhaps not many know that there is also a species as an alternative to the cultivated one wild. This one, which belongs to a family different from that of the most famous plant, it has a unique taste and contains many nutrients. Its leaves can, therefore, be attributed different property and the versatility of the vegetable in the kitchen completes the picture.

How to recognize wild rocket

Wild rocket, also known as ruchetta o mockery of Erbois a herbaceous plant belonging to the family of Cruciferous. It grows spontaneously fitting in to different climates. It is therefore possible to find it both in the plains and in the mountains, up to altitudes of 1,000 m. Her characteristics they help us distinguish it from that cultivated and recognizing it is not complicated.

The stems they are, first of all, longer. The leaves they then appear as elongated and indented, while in the domestic counterpart they appear rounded and with more defined margins. THE fiori they are of an intense yellow colour, which clearly differs from the yellowish-white hue of the other famous herb. To give us further clues is the taste. In fact, wild rocket has a more decisive, more aromatic and even more flavourful taste spicy.

Properties of wild rocket

Wild rocket is known to be a proprietary concentrate and has been harvested since ancient times as medicinal herb. Of the plant it is possible to consume both the leaves both i sprouts and both can be served cooked or raw. The vegetable appears, therefore, a concentrate of mineral salts, among which potassium and magnesium stand out. It also contains large quantities of Vitamin C e you folic acidalso known as Vitamin B9.

The first substance acts as a panacea for the immune system and exerts a powerful action antioxidant. It therefore prevents the formation of free radicals and limits their damage. The second is, however, fundamental in the first months of pregnancy, as it helps to avoid fetal malformations. It also helps to keep you healthy Heart and cardiovascular system in general.

Wild rocket in recipes

Wild rocket is extremely versatile and is perfect for adding to ours recipes a touch of fresh originality. The limited intake of calories, quantifiable in just 25 kcal per 100 g of product, it also makes it the perfect food for low-calorie diets. We can then use buds and leaves to enrich healthy ones salads or to flavor some sauces Accompanying.

A good idea is to combine wild rocket with goat or other cheeses with a similar taste. Another great option is to use it to prepare a pesto alternative, in which garlic remains an optional ingredient and pine nuts act as a crunchy element. The small leaves do not disfigure even inside first dishes more elaborate or meat-based dishes. The classics bresaola o carpaccioseasoned with rocket and parmesan, can be revisited.

Wild rocket is a vegetable rich in properties and making it part of our diet can prove itself beneficial. Its leaves can even be used to craft herbal teas e infusion from the effect diuretic e digestive. Once upon a time they were also used, together with nettle, to create masks for the hair. Moderation remains the only criterion and the dose recommended daily dose is equivalent to about two handfuls of the tasty herb.

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