World pasta day: how many kg of pasta do Italians eat per year?

Have you ever counted how much pasta do you eat in a year? If you have given up taking notes and keeping track every time you have faced a nice plate of carbonara, amatriciana or one of the countless other pasta dishes of the Italian tradition, no problem: theItalian Food Union did the math for you too how many kg of pasta Italians eat every year and not only, even how much they eat abroad. Perhaps without particular surprise comes the fact that Italians eat pasta much more than all the others.

How many kg of pasta do Italians eat per year? Many.

This October 25th is World Pasta Day, the day that the world dedicates to pasta, one of the most loved foods around the planet. Although originally from Chinese, pasta is now the symbol of Italy in the world. But it’s not just a symbol, the Italians they also lead by example at the table. According to a report by the Italian Food Union, Italians eat on average up to 23 kg of pasta per year: far more than all the other countries in the world. Among other hungry pasta we find i Tunisians who stop at 17 kg and surprisingly i Venezuelanswho are greedy for pasta consuming up to an average of it 15 kg per year. Also following i Greeks arriving at 12 kg eh Chileans who stop at 9,9 kg.

The first pasta-producing country in the world? Italy.

To feed the almost 60 million of Italians and the large amount of kg of pasta they eat per year it is not surprising that our country is also the largest producer of pasta in the world. Around the planet in 2021 approximately 17 million tons of pasta, of these 3.8 million they came from Italy. But not all of this pasta remains in our country: in fact, we export more than half of it, about 56% of what we produce ends up abroad especially in Germany, France, England, United States and Japan. It is estimated that at least 1 out of 4 pasta dishes consumed every day in the world is made with pasta that comes from Italy. In practice, about 75 million portions of Italian pasta are prepared in the homes and restaurants of nearly 200 countries. And who are the other main pasta producers in the world? After Italy there are United States with about 2 million tons produced annually, followed by Turkey (1,9), Egypt (1,2), Brazil (1,18) e Russia (1,09).

World Pasta Day

Set up starting in 1995 after World Pasta Congress held in Rome, is celebrated on October 25th of each year. On this day, events and initiatives in various countries draw attention to the production, consumption and cultural importance of a food that has now become global. In fact, compared to 2011, the consumption of pasta in the world in 2021 is practically doubled although the steadily increasing trend has suffered push ups during the pandemic years from COVID-19.

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