Your best card in the kitchen

In a famous animated film, a chef said to the new recruit: “Do you know what a chef’s secret is? Dirty apron, clean sleeves”! However attentive, passionate, almost maniacal one may be in one’s own kitchen to prepare so many good dishes for oneself, for guests or for one’s family, one always needs a helping hand… indeed a menu! The best card that can be played in the kitchen is the one that manages to overlook our every mistake (but usually good things always come out of it in the end!): a sauce spilled by mistake, the egg white that drips onto the hob when we break the egg. All things that can be remedied, with a good ally in the kitchen! The same that allows us to serve fragrant and dry fried food or to better prepare the ingredients we need in our recipes. Whether you are a great chef in your private life or a simple “bungler” amateur, there is no better way to declare love than by preparing something good… and leaving the kitchen clean immediately afterwards! Discover many ideas for delicious dishes alone or to share!

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