Zucchini like mushrooms for the winter – a simple and tasty recipe, how to cook step by step

Zucchini like mushrooms for the winter

In summer, vegetables are sold at a bargain price. Go to the market, buy all the necessary ingredients and get down to business! This recipe really makes zucchini look like mushrooms. I advise you to choose young vegetables with a thin skin.

Step by step cooking recipe

Chop the zucchini, carrots, parsley and peeled garlic.

Mix everything, add sugar, salt and black pepper. Stir, cover and leave for 2-3 hours.

Arrange the vegetables in clean jars and sterilize for 10 minutes.

Pour in the vinegar, roll up and turn upside down.

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Olga Beznosyuk

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Olga Beznosyuk

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