Zucchini: properties and benefits

Round or long, light or dark, with a smooth or wrinkled skin, however you choose them, courgettes are always precious vegetables, because in their rich baggage of nutrients they have many substances that make them perfect to help us better face the hot season and keep us in good health. Let’s find out in detail why bring zucchini to the table, which ones benefits ensure and eat like with advice and recipes of Yummy.

The properties of zucchini

A nice stash ofwater – a good 93.6 g per 100 g – and a lot potassium – 290 mg per 100 g – make courgettes an excellent antidote against the summer heat. But these vegetables, fruits of the Cucurbita peppera species of the family of Cucurbitaceaealso have a decent content of fibre e vitamin C. Among the minerals they also bring phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and ironwhile between vitamins also contain the Ethose of the group Bin particular the B1, the B2 and the B3, ei carotenoidswhich our body transforms into vitamin A. Low in fatzucchini also have very few calorie: as soon as 16 per 100 g.

The health benefits of zucchini

Light, hydrating, diuretic and digestible, courgettes are truly a panacea for health. Let’s find out why they are good.

Anti-cholesterol and allies of the heart

The good fiber content makes these vegetables useful for improve bowel functionspromote regularity e fight constipation. The fibers also help reduce the absorption of cholesterol: courgettes, therefore, give us a hand to protect heart health and to prevent cardiovascular disease, the risk of which increases if blood cholesterol levels are too high. Good heart health also contributes to the excellent content of potassium: this mineral salt, in fact, is a important regulator of blood pressure. In courgettes it is combined with a reduced presence of sodium and a great abundance of water: thanks to this trio of beneficial substances, these vegetables promote diuresis e they stimulate the elimination of excess liquids and toxins through the urine, with positive effects also on water retention and cellulite.

Perfect in the diet of diabetics and for weight loss

Thanks to the fibers, zucchini helps to keep blood sugar levels under controlreducing the speed of absorption of sugars: this quality, together with the low glycemic indexmaking them ideal for inclusion in diabetic diet. The fibers also have a high satiating power: this characteristic, combined with the reduced caloric intake, makes courgettes the perfect vegetable for those who want to lose weight or control weight.


Thanks to their antioxidant content, such as vitamins C and E and carotenoidsprecursors of vitamin A, zucchini are capable of defend the body from damage caused by free radicals, which increase the risk of chronic and degenerative diseases. Vitamins A and C, in particular, help the immune system to best perform its function. To this also contributes the wealth of chlorophyllthe green pigment responsible for the color of zucchini, which in addition to strengthening the immune system has positive effects on brain function. To help chlorophyll in this task is the vitamin B9, or folic acidessential for the nervous system health and especially important in pregnancy to promote the correct neurological development of the fetus and reduce the risk of malformations.

Benefits for eye and skin health

The skin also benefits from the positive effects of zucchini. There vitamin C present in these vegetables, in fact, stimulates the formation of collagenthe main protein that makes up the tissues of our body and which, in synergy with vitamin E, helps to preserve theskin elasticity.

Furthermore, courgettes are very precious for the eye health because rich in LUTEINa carotenoid which protects the retina from degeneration linked to both aging and oxidative stress caused by factors such as exposure to sunlight, wind, heat and salt.

A refill of mineral salts and water for the summer

Zucchini help us out replenish the mineral salts lost through sweatso bringing them to the table is particularly useful in estatewhen high temperatures favor perspiration, e after very intense sporting activity. L’remineralizing action of these vegetables, combined with the moisturizing, is also very important in case of fever and intestinal disorders such as diarrhea: in these cases, zucchini helps restore water balance in the body replenishing mineral salts and water. The moisturizing and diuretic effect of zucchini is also beneficial against infections and inflammations of the urinary tractsuch as cystitis.

Zucchini: kitchen tricks to fill up on nutrients

How to prepare zucchini? An important tip to fully enjoy their benefits is to wash them well under running water eat them with the whole peelwhich like the pulp is very rich in nutrients: in this way, none of the substances they are rich in will be lost. Some of them, like the vitamin C and thefolic acidare water-soluble and thermolabile, therefore they dissolve in water and are damaged by heat: for this reason it is preferable to eat raw zucchini or later light cookinglike those al steam or paninstead avoiding boiling, or blanching them for just a few minutes. Cut into julienne strips or grated and seasoned with an emulsion of salt, oil and lemon juice, they are a perfect salad to fill up on their nutrients.

Zucchini recipes

In terms of recipes, there is nothing but the embarrassment of choice, also because i types of zucchini there are so many to taste. In the first dishesthese vegetables are excellent for seasoning pasta and risottosto enrich cereal salads, cold pasta, soups and stews and as a base for creams velvety.
They also give their best for appetizers and vegetarian dishes, such as grilled vegetable skewers, savory pies, meatballs, vegetable burgers e omelettes. They are also protagonists of unique dishes complete and nutritious like the zucchini parmigiane not stuffed zucchiniso both the long and round ones are perfect, which you can fill with meat, fish and rice.
Also prepare them as tasty contour: they are simply excellent stir-frycut into sticks or chunks e cooked in the oven, in batter o alla scapecethat is fried and served with a sweet and sour sauce made with oil, vinegar and mint.
Did you know that these vegetables are also an unsuspected ingredient for delicious cakes? Try ours sweet zucchini pie.

If you love these vegetables, discover them zucchini recipes in the “Ingredients” section of Buonissimo.

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